The Urban Collëctif is an unprecedented partnership bringing together Citroën, Accor and JCDecaux, three French companies of international stature present in the daily lives of city dwellers around the world and sharing the same vision of the urban mobility of tomorrow.

The optimization of mobility has become a major challenge for reclaiming urban space and sustainably improving the quality of life in the city.

This concept, which reinvents urban mobility, called Citroën Autonomous Mobility Vision, combines a high-tech and universal mobility platform, The Citroën Skate, with 3 unique service Pods, Sofitel En Voyage, Pullman Power Fitness and JCDecaux City Provider, each of which offers a unique experience to live the city differently.

Based on autonomous, comfortable, electric and agile Citroën technology, this disruptive concept of open-source urban mobility aims to streamline and decongest cities while meeting growing needs in terms of travel, services and well-being in the city.