Citroen Highlights Deteriorating UK Road Conditions

A recent study conducted by Citroën reveals that nearly 75 percent of drivers in the UK perceive the condition of the country’s roads as a hazard to both motorists and other users of the road.

Citroën UK conducted a recent survey in collaboration with OnePoll, and 75 percent of the participants reported that their vehicles had required repairs due to damage caused by potholes.

Nonetheless, many drivers remain unaware of the proper procedures to seek assistance when their vehicles are damaged by potholes. In fact, nearly half of those affected indicated that they were unaware of the possibility of claiming compensation from the appropriate local authority, according to Citroën’s findings.

Out of the individuals surveyed, a mere 14 percent reported having pursued compensation from their local authorities following previous incidents.

Citroen Highlights Deteriorating UK Road Conditions

This recent study builds on Citroën’s May findings, which revealed that the total sum of compensation claims paid out in the past year due to pothole damage reached £22.7 million. This amount is equivalent to the average cost of repairing 340,000 potholes.

Citroën UK conducted a comparison of Asphalt Industry Alliance data spanning the past six years. Their analysis revealed that from 2017 onwards, a cumulative sum of £139.9 million had been allocated for damage compensation, a sum that could have otherwise been used to repair an extra 2.3 million potholes.

In this recent study, Citroën inquired about drivers’ perceptions regarding the evolution of UK road conditions over the past six years. The findings indicated that 68 percent of respondents believed that the state of UK roads had deteriorated during this period, while only 15 percent expressed the view that road conditions had improved since 2017.

Nearly half of all drivers, specifically 46 percent, informed Citroën that they intentionally avoid certain roads altogether due to concerns about potential damage. The East Midlands emerged as the region where drivers expressed the highest level of apprehension about road conditions, with 56 percent of respondents indicating that the roads in their locality had deteriorated.

Citroen Highlights Deteriorating UK Road Conditions

In contrast, London stands out as the area with the least notable decline in road conditions, as only 18 percent of drivers in the region reported a deterioration in their local roads.

Greg Taylor, the managing director of Citroën in the UK, expressed his concern, stating:

“The people of the UK are clearly concerned about the state of our roads. The Citroën Advanced Comfort Programme helps alleviate the discomfort of driving on deteriorating road surfaces and reduces the impact of hitting potholes. However, it’s evident that there is a need for more extensive efforts to enhance road surfaces nationwide and rebuild public confidence.”

Numerous Citroën models, including the recently launched C5 X, feature the brand’s Advanced Comfort Programme, which incorporates improved suspension and ergonomic seating to provide a more comfortable and smoother driving experience.