Citroën AMI

The Citroën AMI is a low-cost electric two-man vehicle, offering a range of approximately 75 kilometers at a top speed of 45 km/h. In the West, you can have it for around PLN 120 a month and it is becoming more and more popular.

It is small, made of plastic, slow, loud and its performance allows at most to move around the city. In some countries, such as France, it can be driven without a driving license from the age of 14. It is highly controversial and is sometimes compared to Multipla. It was similar when the Citroën 2CV appeared on the market – it was criticized for everything.

And just like the 2CV, AMI is very popular. Electric silent drive, charging from the socket, very low cost, practicality in the city – these are the greatest advantages of this small vehicle. Despite the initial criticism, AMI has caught on, a little over 30,000 copies have already hit the market, and despite the initial problems, the car is being adopted more and more. For example, in Italy, in a hotel in the mountains, which treats it as an opportunity for promotion, and the vehicle itself carries tourists.

Citroën AMI is considered by supporters of the conspiracy theory of history as a way to deprive us of freedom of movement, while supporters of this type of vehicles talk about returning to simple, cheap vehicles, which are primarily to be useful. These two extreme concepts mean that a lot is said about AMI – both good and bad.

Citroën takes advantage of the fact that the car evokes extreme emotions and laughs at it, while breaking through with a kind of whispered marketing campaign over the information noise in the automotive industry. Citroën also humorously promotes AMI on the web using the tag #ThisIsNotACar – meaning “this is not a car”. And he is right in his own way. Opinions during test drives in England are positive: “I have never paid so much attention to any car. Lots of finger pointing and laughing as well as confused onlookers. One person even walked up to me and hit the car at the traffic lights! ” – wrote the journalist.

Citroën AMI was supposed to go on sale in Poland in autumn – we are still waiting for this proposal to appear, because it can be a really interesting offer – PLN 100 monthly rent with a payment of PLN 10,000 would tempt many people.