Since I can’t remember a time in my life when we were queuing up for $2.20 gas, I can’t be the only one considering switching to an electric vehicle. After researching different charging stations, ranges, power and reliability, I concluded that a Citroën Ami would be the best option for me if I had to make the switch.

To date, the share price (STLA) of STELLANTIS N.V. (CITROËN) are 13.29 EUR. According to Invest Stage, the fall since the beginning of this year is about 28%.

I went to the Paris Auto Show for a test drive, and I liked almost everything about this vehicle. In my opinion, the initial torque is comparable to piloting a rocket. Just tap your foot to feel an immediate and strong acceleration. The minimalist interior and the speed limit of 45 km/h made me smile.

When it comes to purchase price, an electric vehicle will almost always be more expensive than a normal automobile. In contrast, a 2020 Consumer Reports study found that “having an electric vehicle will save the typical driver $6,000 to $10,000 over the life of the vehicle” compared to “having an electric vehicle.” purchase of a comparable gas-powered vehicle. »

These figures take into account the cost of fuel, maintenance and repairs, as well as the initial purchase price, the cost of financing and the value of the vehicle once it has been sold. And remember, this was before gas prices skyrocketed, so the amount you can save is probably even higher today.

In the United States, it is possible to obtain a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for the purchase of certain electric vehicles, and many states offer additional financial advantages. The European Union (Avere program), and the French State in particular, is not to be outdone, with numerous ecological bonuses (up to 7,000 euros) for the acquisition of an electric vehicle.


The cost of maintaining a conventional vehicle with an internal combustion engine was $0.10/euro per kilometer. While that of an electric vehicle equipped with a battery was 0.06 dollar/euro. This can represent a considerable saving of money.


According to Recurrent Auto’s research results, the price of a replacement battery can vary widely based on dozens of different criteria. It would cost just under $3,000 (€3,021) to replace the battery in a Hyundai Ioniq 5, up to $9,500 (€9,567) to replace the battery in a Nissan Leaf, and around 16,000 $ (€16,113) to replace both the battery and the labor to install it in a Tesla Model 3.