The Citroën C2 was a small 4-seater city car

The Citroën C2 was a small 4-seater city car produced by Citroën in the first decade of the 20th century. The car was very popular among customers. At its peak, 142,000 copies were sold during the year.

Citroën C2 disappeared from the offer due to the fact that the three-door bodies were not as popular as they used to be. The universal five-door sold better and better and the C2 price was similar to the slightly larger and more practical C3.

However, now a graphic has appeared on the web that shows the new C2, which is based on the Fiat project. Is such a vision even realistic? This is possible because Carlos Tavares’ policy is now to unify the Stellantis offering as much as possible. Common platforms, common elements of the interior and bodywork mean real savings.

If it turned out that customers in France were able to accept this type of project (because it would be made mainly for the French market), we would deal with a quick launch of C2 production. Electric drives would probably be under the hood, as this would mean a reduction in liabilities for Stellantis due to CO2 emissions.

The implementation of the C2 project is therefore not impossible, but still not very realistic and we can treat it mainly as a curiosity, on the “what if” principle. It’s a pity, because the C2, which has been driving for many years, incl. at the editor-in-chief of, it is a very successful car and it looks really good on the street today.