The old Citroen 2CV has become a truck tractor and now tows a motorhome

The old Citroen 2CV has become a truck tractor and now tows a motorhome. Inside the trailer, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom were equipped, and solar panels were installed on the roof.

A very unusual Citroen 2CV drives in Switzerland. The famous budget car was turned into a real road train, and its semi-trailer is equipped with a living compartment. A video about him appeared on the Youtube channel of blogger Matthew Horren.

The owner of an unusual motor home, Bernd, said that since childhood he dreamed of a Citroen 2CV. He has been building a road train since 1996, using components from several different car models. He called his creation Dölüggs.

In particular, the “piecework tractor” actually only uses the front end of the 2CV. Hiding inside is a reinforced chassis from a Citroen Acadyane van and a more powerful 34-hp Citroen Visa engine. With. This allows you to accelerate to 90 km / h with a semi-trailer and 105 km / h without it. In addition, there was a full drive.

The residential module has a double bed, a small workplace with a desk and a bathroom. There is also a kitchen with a gas stove and refrigerator. Electrical equipment is powered by solar panels that are laid out on the roof.