tires for Citroen

The model range of the Citroen automobile brand includes compact passenger cars, neat city cars, SUVs, and comfortable minivans. When choosing tires for Citroen, it is necessary to understand the specifics of a particular modification. The key parameter is the size, it can be found in the manual for its operation, which contains all the indicators recommended by the automaker.

Summer tires for Citroen: tread, main types

A feature of tires for summer is the increased stiffness of the compound. Tires for the warm period are developed on the basis of a special rubber compound adapted for use in hot weather. Thanks to an innovative compound and a special tread design, the rubber shows better performance at elevated temperatures.

Summer models are equipped with an optimized drainage system, provide a stable contact patch, and are able to maintain their original characteristics in high temperatures and high-speed traffic.

Citroen tires can be selected according to the type of tread in the following variations:

  • Road or sports. Designed for operation on asphalt pavement, suitable for driving in a combined city-highway cycle. This type of tire has a high speed index, boasts reliable grip, good protection against aquaplaning.
  • Road tires. They belong to the standard variety installed on various modifications of cars that are used mainly in urban areas.
  • Universal models. These are tires that perform well on a mixed type of surface (asphalt, dirt road, light off-road). They can be installed on cars, SUVs and urban crossovers.

Another group are mud tires for extreme off-road, ideal for powerful off-road vehicles. Such tires are characterized by the presence on the tread of many massive blocks with deep and wide drainage grooves that provide better grip.

Tires for winter: friction and studded

Winter tires are designed for operation in low temperature conditions with sharp temperature fluctuations (in icy conditions, on roads with slush). In the production of winter tires, a rubber compound is used that contains a large amount of silica, which provides the tire with elasticity at low temperatures.

Tires for a Citroen car, designed for the cold season, are Scandinavian and European types. At the same time, Scandinavian models are produced with and without spikes. The features of these varieties are as follows:

  • European tires are good for use in mild climates, with smooth and clean roads from ice and snow;
  • Velcro is suitable for regions with low temperatures, heavy snowfall, as it is equipped with numerous lamellas, sharp edges to maintain grip on snow.

Studded tires will help out a lot in severe weather conditions with severe frosts, providing reliable grip on snow and ice.