Citroen and Polestar settle dispute over similar logos

The sport between the French Citroen and the Swedish Polestar, a spin-off from Volvo and shutters an independent brand, lasted about three years. In 2020, Citroen won a legal ban on the sale of Polestar cars in France due to the similarity of the logos – a four-pointed star and a “double chevron”. Now the French edition of Le Monde reports that the companies have solved the problem, but does not specify the details of the agreement.

Both Polestar and Citroen use similar chevron elements in the emblem, but they are located differently. The French company considered that the similarity of the logos ā€œdamages reputationā€ and achieved that the court banned Polestar from using the logo in the country for at least six months, that is, from actually selling cars in France. After that, the French market disappeared from the list of countries where you can order a Swedish electric car.

Almost two years have passed since then, and only now the companies have managed to reach an agreement. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but a Citroen spokesman told reporters: ā€œThe complaints have been withdrawn. Case is closed”. Judging by the official website of Polestar, France is still not on the lists of the Swedish brand, but it will probably appear soon. Until then, electric cars can be ordered in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and other European countries.

Automotive News Europe, in turn, calls the settlement of the conflict “an unprecedented event”, given the fact that Citroen has applied to the European Court of Justice with a request to extend the ban on the use of the Polestar logo to all EU countries. So far, one can only guess what kind of compromise the two automakers have come to.